Scrum Mantra

by Mahesh Omprakash Rathi

The mantra to bring agility at business aligning with Industry 4.0

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About Scrum Mantra

What to expect from the book Scrum Mantra

Agile means able to move quickly and easily. Agile software development is a methodology to build the product or provide the service incrementally using short iterations. Scrum is an Agile approach for developing products and services. Scrum has been used to develop software, hardware, embedded software, networks of interacting function, autonomous vehicles, schools, government, marketing, managing the operation of organizations and almost everything we use in our daily lives, as individuals and societies.

Scrum Mantra covers the concepts starting with how the revolution from Industry 1.0 through Industry 4.0 took place, and how Agile changed the way organizations use to work, followed by a detailed explanation of Scrum Framework. It covers planning at multiple levels like Strategy Planning, Portfolio Planning, Product Planning, and Release Planning.

Scrum Mantra enhances one’s knowledge in area of Agile and Scrum and helps oneself spearheading the change at organizational level. Scrum Mantra is definitely everyone’s mantra to successfully transform from traditional way of working to the Agile way. This book primarily focuses on understanding the values of Agile and Scrum and enables one to understand the true essence of Scrum. Once a reader completes reading this book, it will boost the confidence level of Professional Scrum Master (PSM) and Professional Agile Leader (PAL) aspirants. This book enables any team to self-organize and any organization to become apt at inspecting and adapting.

Scrum Mantra would be companion throughout your Agile journey. Scrum Mantra is designed keeping in view the industry defined roles such as Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Product Manager, Project Manager, Delivery Manager, and so on. Scrum Mantra definitely helps people and organizations to bring Agility at work that in turn creates and delivers value to customers.

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About the author of Scrum Mantra

Mahesh Omprakash Rathi

Mahesh Rathi is a Certified Professional Agile Leader and Professional Scrum Master from Mahesh has vast experience in management, leadership areas, efficiently handled billion dollar businesses that requires collaboration with customers across the globe.

Mahesh brings with him rich experience in IT Industry. He enabled multiple teams to bring agility at work through leading by example.

Some words from the author himself : My Agile journey started in 2015 when I started implementing Agile in one of the project. I arranged an Agile workshop to make all associates familiar with the Agile methodology. This workshop was a good learning experience for the associates to apply Agile in their projects.

I explored more and more on Agile and started preparing for Agile certifications. I read many books and articles to get thorough understanding on Agile, Scrum and trending buzzwords like Industry 4.0, DevOps, CI/CD, Lean, Kanban, scaling frameworks, and so on. The question came to my mind - why not write a book that contains all this information at one place so that everyone can read and gain the knowledge on Scrum and Agile. It took almost one year for my thoughts to take the shape of a book. I have spent sleepless nights and weekends in writing the Scrum Mantra.


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